Sunday, December 20, 2009

Hey guess what people? 2 more celeberty deaths :(....

Recently Chris Henry of the cincinatti bengals fell out of a pickup truck and died; so rest in peace Chris henry...
and earlier today brittany murphy was found dead at Cedar-sinai medical center;
so rest in peace Brittany Murphy

Friday, December 18, 2009


ok..not much of an extravaganza but i got a box of 2009 topps update
the phillies 2008 world series set
and a one touch holder for my ryan howard rookie
i prefer to keep my sets sealed so i just opened my blaster box..

the topps towns-
DAN uggla
alexei ramirez
adrian gonzalez
justin verlander
carl crawford
josh beckett
felix hernandez
chris carpenter
michael young

the rookies-
kyle blanks
mark rzepcynski, sadly thats spelled correctly
julio borbon
daniel bard
and aaron bates

the legends of the games (update)
george sisler

the turkey reds-
johnny cueto
randy johnson

the phillies-
chase utley all star
jason werth all star
ben fransico...btw i am so mad the phillies traded lee i mean halladays good and all but i didnt see that coming...but anyway

the golds /2009
Jerry hairston Jr rookie?
lastings milledge
hanley ramirez all star

the usa baseball-
wright & jeter

the card i have no idea what its called!
alfonso soriano insert it looks like a drawing says lead us to victory support our northsiders...i have no idea what it is but anyway

the season highlights!
orlando hudson

the all stars!
heath bell
brian mccann
ryan braun
joe nathan
jason marquis
jason bay
edwin jackson
andrew bailey
johnathan broxton
adrian gonzalez
joe mauer
brandon inge
and hunter pence

the patch which was pretty much the hit of the box its now my second one now (frank robinson was the other) well, it is.........robin yount 1980 all star game patch my next post will be my next break which may be christmas..i dont know well see how things go...

Monday, December 7, 2009

need to catch up on sports news?here it is.

colt mccoy leads all finalists for heisman trophy
allen iverson returned to the sixers!
Brad penny agrees to a deal with the cardinals
Whitney Herzog entered into Hall of Fame
Andy pettite WILL continue to play next year
and did anyone see that saints game? I heard they were undefeated.
I heard they were down and drew brees threw an interception, the guy who picked it off ran past everyone except brees, brees tackles him.he fumbles.drew brees returns the fumble for a touchdown.Saints win. still undefeated.
any news you feel i left out? please comment :)

Sunday, December 6, 2009

philly card show in valley forge

I just returned about 2 hours ago from maybe the greatest card show ive ever witnessed. First off a free signer. Keith moreland. Not the greatest player ever but a nice guy that signed 4 cards for me. he signed my..
1981 topps keith moreland
1981 fleer keith moreland
1987 donruss keith moreland and my
1988 topps keith moreland
Mr. Moreland was a very nice guy and was a pleasure to meet.
I got several major they were
1978 topps pete rose
1978 topps reggie jackson all star (working on this set) if anyone can help me with this set with their doubles or anything please comment)
there were the dollar sets.
1990 score rookie and traded
1991 score rookie and traded
1990 upper deck rookie/traded high # series
there were the 10 cent cards..
2008 topps ryan braun rookie of the year gold 0497/2008
2008 upper deck football heroes limas sweed rookie numbered 11/75
2004 upper deck ultimate collection paul pierce 273/750
oh yeah i picked up a beckett too because mine needed to be updated
2008 topps darren mcfadden rookie
2009 upper deck goudey david price rookie
1996 upper deck mike alstott rookie
campaign 2008 democrat bill richardson
campaign 2008 GOP ron paul
campaign 2008 democrat dennis kucinich
2008 upper deck x clay buchholz rookie
2008 upper deck x kosuke fukudome rookie
2008 topps chrome black refractor rookie john david booty-booty-booty rock it everywhere
a card i accidently picked up- 2003 topps 203 bj upton...luckily it was a rookie woo-hoo
i also picked up a 1986 topps rack pack for a 3 things for a dollar deal along with the last 2 cards.
now heres the big stuff
starting out small
ryan madson 2002 bowman rookie-oh yea!!!
(2) silver edition ryan howard 2004 just minors rookies. I have the white one too.
2006 upper deck ryan howard insert really cool card
2007 topps ryan howard
2005 diamond king ryan howard...-no jordan you cannot have it...
2009 topps ryan howard
2007 bowmans best ryan howard which happens to be a really nice card
2007 topps opening day cole hamels
2003 minor league cole hamels (white)
2006 bowman heritage cole hamels rookie-boo yah
2000 topps brett myers rookie
(2) shane victorino minor league cards
(2) jimmy rollins minor leauge cards of jimmy rollins
1998 bowman jimmy rollins rookie
2003 bowman chrome rookie of cliff lee - awesome!
and now the REAL big stuff.......haha
2001 UD graded rookie series #82 correll buckhalter action 052/900 BECKETT 9
1987 donruss #361 Barry Bonds NM-MT 8 PSA 8
and my two favorites were
J.A HAPP DRAFT PICK AUTO 0889/1195 donruss elite 2004 extra edition
2001 upper deck #62 ryan howard rookie which just so happens to be #11 on the hotlist
like i said, it was a great show i went with jordan the author of mint condition and my dad, it looks like the next card show is in borden town so unless i get no packs or major news until then thats when my next post is coming.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


just some basic info here for the philly show in valley forge heres the link
keith moreland- free signer
todd pratt- free signer
steve carlton-1st inscription is free
others are going to be there too like..
pete rose
mike schmidt
shane victorino
jamie moyer
and more to be added soon.
SUNDAY. I WILL BE THERE. all basic info is on the link which once again is

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

part 2 of the 9 pack break

sorry my internet froze and all of a sudden my draft was posted so anyway here were the hits! oh by the way historical vintage collection is a repack of cards from 50s-90s
1984 topps rod carew
die cut vicot martinez
die cut alfonso soriano
brandon phillips x potential
ichiro x potiential X 3-- really nice card
albert pujols
ysl-ron guidry
early doucet III rookie
eli manning cool checklist
vladdy starquest
j-roll star quest
hirokie kuroda rookie
michael johnson sports heroes
jackie joyner kearse sports heroes
fran larkenton football hero/legenday hero
sam baker rookie
ali highsmith rookie
steve vai guitar hero
ah nothin much but watcha expect from the dollar store? :) sorry i havent posted in a really long time ive been in spirling depression since my favorite team lost to my other favorite team in the series...just kidding :) just too much stuff with school and all...................oh by the way thank you jordan im almost finished putting together my 1978 topps set u are awesome for helping me :P

9 pack break + which was the best design?

It all started a few days ago. i went to the dollar tree and looked around.Silly string. birthday made with led paint that no kid wants.and then i saw it; with my own very 2 eyes...BASEBALL CARDS. about 15 boxes of rifled through cards..packs here..packs there...packs on the ground; they were everywhere!they had basketball soccer football baseball...hannah montana?!!?!Well it was there. I ended up buyin 9 packs of the stuff. i couldnt resist it. $1 for a pack of cards.
so i ended up gettin
two packs of ud 08 1st ed. baseball
two packs of donruss americana 2009(-with 5 cards in each pack and 100 cards in the set this could be done in no time..)
two packs of 2008 upper deck football heroes
two packs of upper deck X
and one pack of historical vintage collection.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

For all you that don't know....

well thats exactly what the topps 2010 design looks like.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

2009 topps allen and ginter blaster box 2008 topps football blaster box and 2008 upper deck goudey pack break

ok first off has anyone seen the topps 2010 design? it looks terrible. im only looking for the strasburg next year and may be taking a look at the other products.
well anyway you came here to read about my box and pack breaks not to here me opinon on topps new design which you can see on mint condition or wax heaven.anyway
what i got in the 2008 goudey pack
what i got in the 2009 allen and ginter box
michael phelps mini
david price baseball highlights rookie
ken griffey jr baseball highlights
carlos lee no number numbered 13/50
and a lot more but the carlos lee was sadly the hit of the box to end my game used streak =(....
i was at target and saw the box of 08 topps football and had to grab it.i wasnt looking for much beings i already have 3 mcfadden rookies 3 ryan rookies and 2 flacco rookies, but anyway i got...
in the extra pack 3 tom bradys tbt-tb6 tbt-t5 and tbt-t4
brett favre flight to 420 bf-377
johnathan stewart rookie
chad henne rookie
eric ainge rookie
jonny blood mcnally hr-jm
art monk hall of fame hof-am which is a really nice card
james a lenihan aff-jl
dyn-rl ronnie lott
and the last card darnell dockett #200 numbered 1691/2008
so yea they were just the hits of the products i bought..... so..peace =)

Sunday, September 27, 2009

What I got at the Valley Forge card show 9/27/09

This whole weekend I've been really sick, but it didnt completeley suck, jordan (mint condition) and his dad were nice enough to bring me to the valley forge card show again.There was a free signer,Greg Gross, he was on the cubs astros and phillies. Jordan had like 8 Greg Gross cards and let me have 2 (1980) and (1982).
I got them signed and the guy was really nice.I was looking around and it seemed like card heaven! Im about to shut up and let you know what i got lol.
I got some unbelievable deals,
from the 10 cent bins I got
emmit smith topps rookie
I just reliezed i have an error card! fernando valenzuela rookie and on the front it says fernand!
cc sabathia rookie
cc sabathia rookie cup (second year)
gary sheffield rookie topps
rafael palmeiro rookie donruss
jered weaver rookie topps
david price rookie bowman
joey votto rookie topps names in gold
jed lowrie rookie topps
nick adenhart rookie topps
ERROR-juan gonzalez reverse negitave 1990 donruss rookie
delmon young bowman rookie
chad billingsly rookie
pedro martinez rookie
1983 topps pete rose all star
allen and ginter 2007 akinori iwamura rookie
allen and ginter 2007 alex gordan rookie
2007 topps turkey red hideki okajima rookie
2007 topps turkey red troy tulowitzki rookie
not the last card, but probably the creepiest card ever....dwigh eisenhower 2007 topps turkey red its so creepy!!!!!!!
mark reynolds and justin upton rookie
cameron maybin and andrew miller rookie
so i got all of them from the 10 cent bins
and i got 2 sets, for $1 each i got 1989 score traded/rookie set
and 1989 fleer traded/rookie set
and my favorite card from the show i got for $5
graded 7 by beckett bccg
paul molitor and alan trammell rookie bv is $50
thanks for reading,
btw i havent posted in a while cause i have nothing to post and i have alot goin on.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

"A perfect post."

well thats probably it for a while im sorry it sucks lol, just a lot is going on....

Am i the only one that noticed?????...

look at the similarity of these cards....

Friday, September 4, 2009


last night jordan and his family were nice enough to bring me along to the temple vs villanova game, we were cheering on temple,but sadly they lost 27-24 because of a field goal...that was my first football game ever and it was really fun...also we were at lincoln financial field which is located right next to citizens bank park where the phillies were playing the giants.tim lincecum was pitching against pedro martinez, jayson werth hit his 30th homer of the season,lincecum hit chase utley on a pitch,and philly won...anywho,johnathan papelbon was fined $5000 for taking too long pitching;and earlier today i stopped over at one of the card shops in town and picked up 2 cards....jeremy shockey 2002 bowman rookie and an alex smith (qb) rookie numbered 375/725.thats all for now...

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My wantlist and a tour of my collection.

I know all collectors have a collection and a wantlist, well here are both of mine,
2007 topps tim lincecum rookie
1971 topps steve garvey rookie
1975 topps george brett rookie
1975 topps robin yount rookie
1989 upper deck ken griffey jr rookie
about 50 1990 score commons to complete my set.
and now for a SMALL tour of my collection,today we do baseball
my oldest card, 1949 bowman dick kokos-no joke
my second oldest 1952 topps joe de maestri
my third oldest 1957 topps mack burk
and now my last old card 1962 topps willie davis
1969 topps don clendenon
1980 topps rickey henderson rookie graded by bvg 7.5
2009 upper deck stephen stasburg usa retrospective
1987 donruss (2) greg maddux rookie
1987 fleer greg maddux rookie
1987 topps traded greg maddux rookie
1985 topps kirby puckett rookie
1984 topps darryl strawberry rookie
1985 topps dwight gooden rookie
1971 topps dave concepcion rookie
1981 fleer kirk gibson rookie
1972 topps bob gibson
1975 topps bob gibson 3000 strike outs
1977 topps nolan ryan
1973 rich gossage rookie
1989 donruss ken griffey jr rookie (2)
1987 fleer mark mcgwire rookie (3)
1987 topps mark mcgwire rookie (6)
1983 frank viola rookie (8)
2006 fleer tradition johnathan papelbon rookie
2008 upper deck 20th anniversarry kosuke fukudome rookie
2008 upper deck baseball heroes kosuke fukudome rookie (3)
1983 fleer wade boggs rookie
1983 fleer ryne sandberg rookie
1983 fleer tony gwynn rookie (2)
1983 donruss tony gwynn rookie
1983 topps tony gywnn rookie
1994 action packed alex rodriguez minor league
1987 topps barry bonds rookie (2)
1982 fleer cal ripken jr rookie
1982 donruss cal ripken jr rookie
1989 fler billy ripken ff
1979 topps ozzie smith rookie
1990 donruss sammy sosa rookie (5)
1990 fleer sammy sosa rookie
1990 topps sammy sosa rookie
1997 best roy halladay minor league card
and thats all i feel like listing right now...if im in in the mood ill list again..peace..

Saturday, August 29, 2009

2009 allen and ginter hobby box break and 2008 upper deck goudey pack break

i headed out to the local wal mart a little while ago and picked up a hobby box of 09 allen and ginter and a pack of 08 goudey for an amazing price,in the allen and ginter box i pulled-
bj ryan mini
frank evans negro league star mini
national heroes haile selassie i mini
national heroes chiang kai-shek mini
worlds biggest hoaxes hoodwinks and bamboozles charles ponzi mini
black border scott kazmir mini
black border jeremy hermida mini
michael young allen and ginter back mini
mickey mantle
general custer
stephanie brown trafton
willie williams
doc holliday
burke kenny
samuel morse
national pride edgar renteria
national pride kosuke fukudome
national pride hideki matsui
national pride vladimir guerrero
national pride edinson volquez
national pride carlos zambrano
national pride victor martinez
national pride jose lopez
allen and ginter crack the code
allen and ginter crack the code
baseball highlights of mariano rivera
rauuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuul ibanez!
dexter fowler rookie!
scott lewis rookie
elvis andrus rookie
koji uehera rookie
adrian gonzalez
dioner navarro
coco crisp
travis hafner
cliff floyd
pat burrell
joe saunders
jair jurrjens
carlos quentin
yadier molina
david murphy
mark ellis
matt holliday
joakim soria
felix hernandez
mariano rivera
and the biggest pull of the box a blake dewitt bat piece
and now the 08 goudey pack
graig nettles
michael young
jered weaver
erik bedard
richie ashburn
prince fielder
thurman munson yankee stadium legacy
and last card nolan ryan hpc-22

Friday, August 28, 2009

mailday sucsess! (and a few others)

earlier this morning, my dad woke me up waving an envolope in front of my face, i quickly opened it....holy crap! its here!my rickey henderson rookie graded 7.5 by bvg! ive been bothering jordan forever to trade it and he wouldnt so i went to plan b, trading with another friend through the mail. any way later my dad and i went out and got some cards,
derrick coleman rookie 1990 skybox(basketball)
derek jeter rookie topps gold
and a roy halladay minor league card.
today couldnt have gone any better,except if i dug up a t206 honus wagner but thatll never happen, im probably not gonna be posting for a while cause i gotta save up 4 the next show at valley forge PA, and beckett is gonna be there grading cards for
$5 and i got some that i wanna grade..oh and on a completely different note im pretty sure a kennedy died...well come back soon and be sure to play the games and stuff on the bottom of my blog c ya =]

Friday, August 21, 2009

its amazing what $5 can buy...

i went out to the flea market and bought some cards from a guy who is going to be opening a card shop of his own. well what i got was........
ronder barber jersey card 125/299-my favorite football player
2006 fleer cole hamels rookie-favorite pitcher
2006 topps cole hamels rookie-favorite pitcher
and the last card ryan howard rookie-so it was pretty good for $5...peace..

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

i bet you didnt expect this....

ok a lot of things have been going on, for example brett favre came out of retirement to play for the vikings who were in serious need of a qb but not a qb in serious need of a nursing home, brandon marshall still isnt traded, ben rothesblahblahblahburger was accused of rape! im not quite sure what the story is but you can look it up on, but anyway i got 6 packs of 2008 upper deck 1st edition--horrible packs-- a box of 2009 upper deck -- with an amazing pull,the pulls-
10million starquests 10 million etopps cards a donavan tate usa baseball card and the best pull,a jered weaver double jersey card numbered 065/148 and im selling my cards i got from the card show to make some money.... oh and i think tommorow im getting a box or 2 of 2007 upper deck 1st edition-...i like upper deck =)

ps it would help a lot if u guys can tell your friends about my blog or if you read my blog follow it, the more followers i get the more box breaks and pack breaks i do....well i gotta go watch the phillies game...peace =)

Sunday, August 9, 2009

my best card show ever

earlier today my friend jordan,( author of mint condition) and i went to a card show at the local mall.While we were there we met up with my best friend scott, who is just starting to get into the hobby. scott got a brett favre upper deck rookie and a jeremy shockey game used jersey card.jordan got 2 game used,troy glaus and barry larkin, and a few got rookies. today was my birthday so i had a lot of money to go buying cards with so.... i got...
ronde barber game used jersey card-my favorite football player =)
ken dorsey and jeremy shockey game used jersey card numbered 34/75 both pieces are from their college jerseys.
brady quinn rookie-im not much of a browns collector or a brown noser but i needed it
frank robinson 2009 topps series 2 patch card from 1966 world series
joe flacco rookie 2008 score
darren mcfadden rookie 2008 score
darren mcfadden rookie 2008 football heroes
matt ryan rookie 2008 football heroes
topps chrome 2007 jamarcus russell rookie
a huge piece of a carson palmer jersey numbered 18/50
j.a. happ rookie..hey what happened to 7-0 =(
todd helton game used jersey card
hank blalock game used jersey card
eric chavez world series used double jersey card 239/250
barry zito game used jersey card 002/200
ichiro game ued jersey card
ken griffey jr game used jersey
barry larkin game used bat
randy johnson game used jersey white with a hair of purple (diamondbacks)
mike alstott double jersey card 35/50
mark prior game used bat and jersey 159/200
fred mcgriff game used bat and jersey 068/100
vince young game used jersey card
peyton manning game used jersey card and on the back there is another jersey piece!
patrick willis game used jersey
justin morneau home run derby 1019/2008 2008 topps
jd drew all star 0426/2008 2008 topps
grady sizemore all star 0125/2008 2008 topps
jason isringhausen 0442/2009 2009 topps
lance berkamn 0819/2009 2009 topps
shawn green 1098/2007 2007 topps
grady sizemore 09/49 2008 upper deck baseball heroes 2008
now look at the numbering on this one, justin verlander 2008 baseball heroes numbered
------------------------------my favorite cards from the show below-------------
david boston ud patch collection 09/25
brett favre rookie upper deck
john elway rookie bv $80 got it for 20 =)
2009 sp legendary cuts...steve carlton and cole hamels and the last card...
2008 baseball heroes mike schmidt jersey card 42/50
so that was a pretty good show i got alot of cards i wanted except that rickey henderson rookie, but i may be able to trick her into taking me there and getting it =] but watevr anyway before i go i wanted to say something completly random, i got 2 psp games the bigs 2 which is 2009 because dexter fowler is in it and raul ibanez is on the phils and fight night round 3. well c ya got some games to be playing =]

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

im back

a lot of stuff has been going on so i havent been able to get on recently but im on now and i got news baby,
brett favre stayed retired
i dont know if i said this or not but i found a jeremy hermida rookie, and i got my 1st 2008 upper deck goudey pack
what is a pack without a pack break? let's rip!
1st card some security thingy!
2nd phil rizzuto-way to start off a pack with a legend.
bobby doerr- another legend wow
johnny bench-ok this is the best pack break ever!
trevor hoffman-the all time mlb saves leader.
brandon phillips-a nobody
manny ramirez-a somebody who used roids.
yankee stadium legacy bill "moose" skowron- my 1st yankee stadium legacy
and to end the pack strong a clayton kershaw rookie

Monday, July 20, 2009

something new

i havent busted any wax since jordan came over with them 1987 topps packs but i found a card in my room i didnt even know i had. i remember in 5th grade this kid zack gave me his cards and one of the cards i found,-- jeremy hermida 2006 fleer tradition rookie and an orlando cabrera rookie....also later im headed out to my card shop so if i get anything ill post it later.....and thats all for now...

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

back from vacation

last monday i went down to myrtle beach,south carolina for vacation. good news and bad news. good news-i found a card show with $4 cards including rookies of darren mcfadden cole hamels nate mclouth vince young reggie bush etc. the bad news..-i didnt have any money =/.oh also in other bad news star quaterback for the titans and ravens steve mcnair was found shot to death...another celeberty death =/.

Monday, June 29, 2009

more news

ed mcmahon died farrah fossett died michael jackson died and recently......billy mays died also on a more postive note, the yankees beat the mets mariano rivera had 500 saves and his 1st rbi.

--p.s, thank you fuji and football man for following my blog, it means a lot to me--

Saturday, June 27, 2009

...a hockey card collectors dream...

today as i was cleaning my room(only for allowance...)my dad came in and told me there was a yard sale a few houses down and they had cards. I cleaned as fast as i could and got some money$$$$. As i looked around i finally fond a box of hockey cards which read; all for $20, as i searched the box i found countless unknown canadians and the wierdest names under the sun...finally i got the cards i wanted it totaled up to $3,i got
a plastic case that contained 7 numbered cards,
mats sundin 0053/3099
nicklas lidstrom 1027/3099
adam oates 0122/3099
peter bondra 0552/6199
mike peca 0599/6199
pat lafotaine 0582/6199
and brian leetch 0585/6199, also i got 2 autos,
an autograph of daniel alfredsson
and an autogpraph of matthew barnaby which is in a case on a plaque.
so once again it only cost me $3 and i looked them up and they are worth $33.46 not bad for hockey...

Thursday, June 25, 2009

brief news

Geovony Soto tested positive for marijuana at the world baseball classic.
In only his 2nd year in the bigs, will he be able to learn from his mistakes in the future?.....if he has a future.....

for once i have non sports related news good news and bad news

we always start out with the good news. I saved 15% or more on my car insurance!!!
all jokes aside,heres the bad news farrah fossett from charlie's angels died earlier this morning, and later today guess which other star died. Michael jackson. fosset died from cancer,jackson died from a heart attack. R.I.P.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

guess what

...................................................................................................................................................its been nearly a month and i haven't updated at all,i got a pack of heritage with an aramis card, raul ibanez is on a 15 day disabled list,fransico cervailli hit his first homer ,clay condrey is on the dl, brad lidge is comin back, donavan mcnabb got a 2 mill raise,joe giarrdi(whatever his name is...)got ejected, we are still clueless about the status of brett favre (suprise, suprise)and i got killzone liberation for psp =[] so thts bout it 4 a while..............................................................................................................................................

Sunday, May 31, 2009


Jun 12-14 - Phillipsburg Phillipsburg Mall, US 22 at I-78, F-Sa 10-9 Su 11-5, 50T - Todd Solt 610-377-9616

Jun 13 - Woodbridge The Hampton Inn, Rt 9 north Woodbridge, 9-3, 40T - Daniel Gallop 732-750-5863

Jun 14 - Rahway Rahway Senior Center, 1306 Esterbrook Avenue, 9-3, 40T, A:$1 - Jenn 732-827-2094 Jkuhn@Cityofrahway.Com

Jun 2,9,16,23,30 - Parsippany , 33 Baldwin Rd, 4-8, 50T, a:$1 - Jose Debarros 732-306-9401

Jun 28 - Bordentown Bordentown Armory, 1048 Rt 206 South, 9-2, 50T, A:$2 - Rob Or Karen Gomberg 732-422-9365 Robkarpro@Comcast.Net

Jun 28 - Holmdel Holmdel Firehouse, 35 Main St, 9-3, 40T - Bob Marcus 732-780-2581

Jun 3 - Bound Brook Russo's Banquet Facility, 266 West Union Ave (Rt 28), 6-9, 10T - Rob or Karen Gomberg 732-422-9365

Jun 6 - Bridgewater Bridgewater JCC, 775 Talamini Rd, 9-3, 20T, a:$1 - Bill Mahler (908) 874-0300

Jun 7,21 - Garfield Garfield Boys Club, 490 Midland Ave, 9-3, 50T, A:$1 - Www.Cardscollectibles.Com 732-849-5599 Gsipos13@Yahoo.Com

Jul 1 - Bound Brook Russo's Banquet Facility, 266 West Union Ave (Rt 28), 6-9, 10T - Rob or Karen Gomberg 732-422-9365

Jul 10-12 - Mooretown Nj Mooretown Mall, 400 Rt 38, F-Sa 10-9 Su 11-5, 50T - Mike 215 396-8016 Or 215 359-7789 Sbsportcards1014@Aol.Com

Jul 12 - Bordentown Ramada Inn, 1083 Route 206 North, 9-2, 50T, a:$2 - Rob or Karen Gomberg 732-422-9365

Jul 12 - Rahway Rahway Senior Center, 1306 Esterbrook Avenue, 9-3, 40T, a:$1 - Jenn 732-827-2094

Jul 18 - Woodbridge The Hampton Inn, RT 9 North Woodbridge, 9-3, 40T - Daniel Gallop 732-750-5863

Jul 19 - Garfield Garfield Boys Club, 490 Midland Ave, 9-3, 50T, A:$1 - Www.Cardscollectibles.Com 732-849-5599 Gsipos13@Yahoo.Com

Jul 26 - Holmdel Holmdel Firehouse, 35 Main St, 9-3, 40T - Bob Marcus 732-780-2581

Jul 3-5 - Wildwood Wildwood Convention Center, 4501 Boardwalk, F 3-9 Sa 10-9 Su 10-5, 120T - Rob or Karen Gomberg 732-422-9365

Jul 31 - Woodbridge Woodbridge Center, 250 Woodbridge Center Dr, 10-9, 50T - Mike 215 396-8016 Or 215 359-7789 Sbsportcards1014@Aol.Com

Jul 31 - Woodbridge Woodbridge Town Center Mall, 250 Woodbridge Center Dr, 10-9, 60T - Mike 215 396-8016 Or 215 359-7789 Sbsportcards1014@Aol.Com

Jul 7,14,21,28 - Parsippany , 33 Baldwin Rd, 4-8, 50T, a:$1 - Jose Debarros 732-306-9401

cards of the centurie(s)

billy ripken ff--->
<--- thurman munson rookie RIP

<-- abe lincoln hair

jay bruce rookie

mcgwire rookie gwynn rookie rose rookie barry bonds rookie rickey henderson rookie

paul moliter/alan trammel rookie below

Friday, May 29, 2009

what we all least expected......topps goes gay in 1986

Topps goes gay on one card in 1986!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2 packs of topps 2008 kickoff summary

ya i m 2 lazy 2 post everything i got so ill tell you the good cards (2)
chad hemme rookie-i think thats his name-bv-$2.50
shiny card stars of the game darren mcfadden rookie!-bv-$10-dont have to be a raiders fan to like darren!
ya so the packs were 1.29 each so i got pretty lucky so uhhhh yea c ya next time.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

2007 upper deck series two box break

i didn't really feel like posting the entire box break so instead ill just tell u the good pulls
felix pie rookie 1989 upper deck reprint
hideki matsui
phil hughes rookie

no jerseys
no autos
nothing good........=(

Saturday, May 23, 2009


sh0win off my bj upton

my best topps heritage pack break yet!

so ya went to 7 eleven and saw goudey and heritage got heritage and um.......searched the packs..
yea so heres what i got =) -
corey patterson-who?
ben sheets- brewers all time strikeout leader
atlanta braves team card/checklist-ok
jarrod washburn- he went 121 innings in 07-08 with out a stolen base
john buck-in 2005 john held the KC catchers record with a .996 fld%.
joe mauer-sp!short print, not numbered but the back is different and it is number 442
and the card of the pack we have all been waiting for.........
clubhouse collection BJ Upton game used Bat!!!! my 1st game used from heritage in only my 3rd pack!! so the lesson is,.........pack searching pays off.........

Friday, May 22, 2009

topps heritage 2009 pack break and prison break,...kidding...

yayayaya..........same story,,,,,.............,.,.,.,7 eleven blah blah blah bought heritage.....opened it got-
steven drew-who?
thom glavine!-.........just kidding,.......tom glavine
paul byrd-why couldn't i have gotten larry??????
jose lopez-i got this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!oh sorry wrong lopez again in 2 packs this is the second card i got of him
dexter fowler rookie-wow, now i got his rookie in topps upper deck and heritage!
tim redding-who?
weather sattalite news flashback-ok probably worth a buck or 2
and last- baltimore orioles team card

pretty good pack, and also i got an ichiro jersey card in the mariners in the logo!nidoy!hadios!
oh ps read my tags lol........

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I want your Barry larkin cards!

i am currently collecting barry larkin cards for really no apparent reason,...whatevs, if u got any and ud like 2 trade em give me a shout.

best rookies of 2000-2008...

not in any order, here are some of the best rookies of 2000-2008 and also, thank you for subsribing to me football man, that means a lot to me.

Monday, May 18, 2009

topps 2005 opening day pack break, ps these cards r up 4 trade

hidden in a corner at target.......topps 05 opening day!lets rip!!!!!
1st card kids work hard get cards-is this even a real program??????
dontrelle willis-YEA! the d train!
michael young-pretty pimpin pack......
jon lieber-yea yankee!
albert pooholes-yea,.......poo!
jason bay rookie cup-sweet!
vladimir guerrero-vlad!
greg maddux! way to end a pack!
That was a great pack! hope to buy some more soon!!!!!!!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

my game used cards.........22 to be exact..........

john cena vs randy orton ring mat piece
torrie wilson vs melina ring mat piece(chrome)
andray blatche/antonio daniels double jersey card /99
valeri bure jersey card 2 colors
charlie whitehearst rookie jersey autograph /999 jersey piece of lightning bolt
jeremy shockey jersey card
michael bell rookie auto
steve smith rookie auto
tony hunt rookie jersey auto 14/15
ron johnson rookie game used ball and jersey piece
warrick dunn pro bowl jersey card(if u look really close there are stars on there)
julian peterson pro bowl jersey card
reggie bush 2nd year double jersey card 285/350
jarrod saltalamaccia auto
dickie noles auto 1981
dickie noles auto 1987
cole hamels auto
jim thome jersey card white with red stripe phillies
jim thome jersey card white with red stripe phillies traded to white sox
curt schilling jersey card inside logo
fred mcgriff jersey card white with blue pinstripe
barry larkin jersey card white with red pinstripe

Saturday, May 16, 2009

topps heritage 2009 pack break

Yesterday while hanging out with my friend scott, we decided to go to 7 eleven. While riding our scooters there we were doing tricks, and i went for a 360 the first time and got like a 280, i tried it again and the bottom of the scooter went sideways in midair and i landed stomach first then nailed my arms. my elbows were bleeding but we kept going, when we arrived we got a combo meal thingy, hot dog,chips, big gulp, oh sorry (indian accent) BIG GULP! on the way out i saw cards. OF COURSE I GRAB A PACK. topps heritage 2009. Never bought heritage. LETS RIP!
Nate mclouth-who?
garret olson-who?
Wright & a rod-perhaps a better name-wrong and a fraud
rookie-david price-just kidding-matt antonelli
felipe lopez-sabes que i got this!-oh sorry wrong lopez...
ryan freel-who?
blake dewitt-who?
aaron cook-who?-back of the card says-aaron has come back from life threatening blood clots in his lungs.

ahh... suckish pack

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

popular card

so i see i have a popular (i almost wrote poopular) card i picked up at a card show.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

yogi berras birthday today

ya ya ya he turned 84 today

i think... oh and i got like 5 more post till 100 and freakin clemens STILL denying using roids.

2007 topps pack break...finally! ps all these cards are up for trade.

roy williams own the game
george wrighster

bryant johnson

chansi stuckey rookie

League leaders ladanian tomlinson

students work hard get cards

rashean mathis

a recent dicovery

while looking up some cards i stumbled upon a great find, an ed too tall jones rookie bv $20

Monday, May 11, 2009

other blog theres thlike to my other blog, right off the bat. ill be listing my tradeables on there

Saturday, May 9, 2009

future hall of famers and... some news...nidoy!!

new segment on my blog called future hall of famers, i take a handful of guys and talk about them and say if they'll go to the hall of fame or not.

Pete rose- pete was an excellent player but he was betting on games so if he ever gets in the hall, its after he passes...

ken griffey jr- this guy is an outstanding player and he player since 1989 so thats 20 years exp.!
plus, griffey is ken griffey's son but hes actually a good player unlike someone like tony gwynn jr or tim raines jr. if griffey plays long enough, he will pass the home run record.

derek jeter- duh! oh sorry there,........NIDOY!!!!!! of course jeter will, thats like gretzky going for hockey or michael jordan going for basketball.

ok im gonna wrap this up, im starting a new blog called right off the bat im going to list some stuff i can trade instead of every week bringing stuff to card lunch........

card show

i went to a 3 day card show yesterday and today and i got.............
1989 donruss traded set
dexter fowler 2009 topps rookie
adrian peterson rookie
vladimir guerrero 2/25
and warrick dunn game used pro bowl piece

Monday, May 4, 2009

Sunday, May 3, 2009

number 1

napolean dna hair relic

number 2

les miles 1 of 1 auto

number 3

number 4

wholly mammoth hair card!

number 5

topps 2008 kazou uzuki fake card!!!!!!!!!!

number 6

2008 topps allen and ginter jay bruce rookie

number 7

topps 2008 nick adenhart

number 8

number 8 evan longoria rookie auto

number 9

evan longoria topps heritage

Once again another one to ten best cards of 2008 number 10

number 10 2008 allen and ginter evan longoria rookie

Friday, May 1, 2009

2007 upper deck series two hobby box

i went to wal mart and picked up one of these for 10 bucks the box said there was supposed to be 12 packs and somehow i got 13.........ill be posting these pack breaks....

number one card.......

honus wagner t206

worlds most expensive card

number 2

1963 pete rose rookie card

number 3

1952 topps mickey mantle rookie card

number 4

worlds oldest baseball card boston red stockings team card

number 5

barry bonds rookie topps tiffany 1986