Saturday, August 29, 2009

2009 allen and ginter hobby box break and 2008 upper deck goudey pack break

i headed out to the local wal mart a little while ago and picked up a hobby box of 09 allen and ginter and a pack of 08 goudey for an amazing price,in the allen and ginter box i pulled-
bj ryan mini
frank evans negro league star mini
national heroes haile selassie i mini
national heroes chiang kai-shek mini
worlds biggest hoaxes hoodwinks and bamboozles charles ponzi mini
black border scott kazmir mini
black border jeremy hermida mini
michael young allen and ginter back mini
mickey mantle
general custer
stephanie brown trafton
willie williams
doc holliday
burke kenny
samuel morse
national pride edgar renteria
national pride kosuke fukudome
national pride hideki matsui
national pride vladimir guerrero
national pride edinson volquez
national pride carlos zambrano
national pride victor martinez
national pride jose lopez
allen and ginter crack the code
allen and ginter crack the code
baseball highlights of mariano rivera
rauuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuul ibanez!
dexter fowler rookie!
scott lewis rookie
elvis andrus rookie
koji uehera rookie
adrian gonzalez
dioner navarro
coco crisp
travis hafner
cliff floyd
pat burrell
joe saunders
jair jurrjens
carlos quentin
yadier molina
david murphy
mark ellis
matt holliday
joakim soria
felix hernandez
mariano rivera
and the biggest pull of the box a blake dewitt bat piece
and now the 08 goudey pack
graig nettles
michael young
jered weaver
erik bedard
richie ashburn
prince fielder
thurman munson yankee stadium legacy
and last card nolan ryan hpc-22

Friday, August 28, 2009

mailday sucsess! (and a few others)

earlier this morning, my dad woke me up waving an envolope in front of my face, i quickly opened it....holy crap! its here!my rickey henderson rookie graded 7.5 by bvg! ive been bothering jordan forever to trade it and he wouldnt so i went to plan b, trading with another friend through the mail. any way later my dad and i went out and got some cards,
derrick coleman rookie 1990 skybox(basketball)
derek jeter rookie topps gold
and a roy halladay minor league card.
today couldnt have gone any better,except if i dug up a t206 honus wagner but thatll never happen, im probably not gonna be posting for a while cause i gotta save up 4 the next show at valley forge PA, and beckett is gonna be there grading cards for
$5 and i got some that i wanna grade..oh and on a completely different note im pretty sure a kennedy died...well come back soon and be sure to play the games and stuff on the bottom of my blog c ya =]

Friday, August 21, 2009

its amazing what $5 can buy...

i went out to the flea market and bought some cards from a guy who is going to be opening a card shop of his own. well what i got was........
ronder barber jersey card 125/299-my favorite football player
2006 fleer cole hamels rookie-favorite pitcher
2006 topps cole hamels rookie-favorite pitcher
and the last card ryan howard rookie-so it was pretty good for $5...peace..

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

i bet you didnt expect this....

ok a lot of things have been going on, for example brett favre came out of retirement to play for the vikings who were in serious need of a qb but not a qb in serious need of a nursing home, brandon marshall still isnt traded, ben rothesblahblahblahburger was accused of rape! im not quite sure what the story is but you can look it up on, but anyway i got 6 packs of 2008 upper deck 1st edition--horrible packs-- a box of 2009 upper deck -- with an amazing pull,the pulls-
10million starquests 10 million etopps cards a donavan tate usa baseball card and the best pull,a jered weaver double jersey card numbered 065/148 and im selling my cards i got from the card show to make some money.... oh and i think tommorow im getting a box or 2 of 2007 upper deck 1st edition-...i like upper deck =)

ps it would help a lot if u guys can tell your friends about my blog or if you read my blog follow it, the more followers i get the more box breaks and pack breaks i do....well i gotta go watch the phillies game...peace =)

Sunday, August 9, 2009

my best card show ever

earlier today my friend jordan,( author of mint condition) and i went to a card show at the local mall.While we were there we met up with my best friend scott, who is just starting to get into the hobby. scott got a brett favre upper deck rookie and a jeremy shockey game used jersey card.jordan got 2 game used,troy glaus and barry larkin, and a few got rookies. today was my birthday so i had a lot of money to go buying cards with so.... i got...
ronde barber game used jersey card-my favorite football player =)
ken dorsey and jeremy shockey game used jersey card numbered 34/75 both pieces are from their college jerseys.
brady quinn rookie-im not much of a browns collector or a brown noser but i needed it
frank robinson 2009 topps series 2 patch card from 1966 world series
joe flacco rookie 2008 score
darren mcfadden rookie 2008 score
darren mcfadden rookie 2008 football heroes
matt ryan rookie 2008 football heroes
topps chrome 2007 jamarcus russell rookie
a huge piece of a carson palmer jersey numbered 18/50
j.a. happ rookie..hey what happened to 7-0 =(
todd helton game used jersey card
hank blalock game used jersey card
eric chavez world series used double jersey card 239/250
barry zito game used jersey card 002/200
ichiro game ued jersey card
ken griffey jr game used jersey
barry larkin game used bat
randy johnson game used jersey white with a hair of purple (diamondbacks)
mike alstott double jersey card 35/50
mark prior game used bat and jersey 159/200
fred mcgriff game used bat and jersey 068/100
vince young game used jersey card
peyton manning game used jersey card and on the back there is another jersey piece!
patrick willis game used jersey
justin morneau home run derby 1019/2008 2008 topps
jd drew all star 0426/2008 2008 topps
grady sizemore all star 0125/2008 2008 topps
jason isringhausen 0442/2009 2009 topps
lance berkamn 0819/2009 2009 topps
shawn green 1098/2007 2007 topps
grady sizemore 09/49 2008 upper deck baseball heroes 2008
now look at the numbering on this one, justin verlander 2008 baseball heroes numbered
------------------------------my favorite cards from the show below-------------
david boston ud patch collection 09/25
brett favre rookie upper deck
john elway rookie bv $80 got it for 20 =)
2009 sp legendary cuts...steve carlton and cole hamels and the last card...
2008 baseball heroes mike schmidt jersey card 42/50
so that was a pretty good show i got alot of cards i wanted except that rickey henderson rookie, but i may be able to trick her into taking me there and getting it =] but watevr anyway before i go i wanted to say something completly random, i got 2 psp games the bigs 2 which is 2009 because dexter fowler is in it and raul ibanez is on the phils and fight night round 3. well c ya got some games to be playing =]