Tuesday, December 1, 2009

part 2 of the 9 pack break

sorry my internet froze and all of a sudden my draft was posted so anyway here were the hits! oh by the way historical vintage collection is a repack of cards from 50s-90s
1984 topps rod carew
die cut vicot martinez
die cut alfonso soriano
brandon phillips x potential
ichiro x potiential X 3-- really nice card
albert pujols
ysl-ron guidry
early doucet III rookie
eli manning cool checklist
vladdy starquest
j-roll star quest
hirokie kuroda rookie
michael johnson sports heroes
jackie joyner kearse sports heroes
fran larkenton football hero/legenday hero
sam baker rookie
ali highsmith rookie
steve vai guitar hero
ah nothin much but watcha expect from the dollar store? :) sorry i havent posted in a really long time ive been in spirling depression since my favorite team lost to my other favorite team in the series...just kidding :) just too much stuff with school and all...................oh by the way thank you jordan im almost finished putting together my 1978 topps set u are awesome for helping me :P

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