Sunday, December 6, 2009

philly card show in valley forge

I just returned about 2 hours ago from maybe the greatest card show ive ever witnessed. First off a free signer. Keith moreland. Not the greatest player ever but a nice guy that signed 4 cards for me. he signed my..
1981 topps keith moreland
1981 fleer keith moreland
1987 donruss keith moreland and my
1988 topps keith moreland
Mr. Moreland was a very nice guy and was a pleasure to meet.
I got several major they were
1978 topps pete rose
1978 topps reggie jackson all star (working on this set) if anyone can help me with this set with their doubles or anything please comment)
there were the dollar sets.
1990 score rookie and traded
1991 score rookie and traded
1990 upper deck rookie/traded high # series
there were the 10 cent cards..
2008 topps ryan braun rookie of the year gold 0497/2008
2008 upper deck football heroes limas sweed rookie numbered 11/75
2004 upper deck ultimate collection paul pierce 273/750
oh yeah i picked up a beckett too because mine needed to be updated
2008 topps darren mcfadden rookie
2009 upper deck goudey david price rookie
1996 upper deck mike alstott rookie
campaign 2008 democrat bill richardson
campaign 2008 GOP ron paul
campaign 2008 democrat dennis kucinich
2008 upper deck x clay buchholz rookie
2008 upper deck x kosuke fukudome rookie
2008 topps chrome black refractor rookie john david booty-booty-booty rock it everywhere
a card i accidently picked up- 2003 topps 203 bj upton...luckily it was a rookie woo-hoo
i also picked up a 1986 topps rack pack for a 3 things for a dollar deal along with the last 2 cards.
now heres the big stuff
starting out small
ryan madson 2002 bowman rookie-oh yea!!!
(2) silver edition ryan howard 2004 just minors rookies. I have the white one too.
2006 upper deck ryan howard insert really cool card
2007 topps ryan howard
2005 diamond king ryan howard...-no jordan you cannot have it...
2009 topps ryan howard
2007 bowmans best ryan howard which happens to be a really nice card
2007 topps opening day cole hamels
2003 minor league cole hamels (white)
2006 bowman heritage cole hamels rookie-boo yah
2000 topps brett myers rookie
(2) shane victorino minor league cards
(2) jimmy rollins minor leauge cards of jimmy rollins
1998 bowman jimmy rollins rookie
2003 bowman chrome rookie of cliff lee - awesome!
and now the REAL big stuff.......haha
2001 UD graded rookie series #82 correll buckhalter action 052/900 BECKETT 9
1987 donruss #361 Barry Bonds NM-MT 8 PSA 8
and my two favorites were
J.A HAPP DRAFT PICK AUTO 0889/1195 donruss elite 2004 extra edition
2001 upper deck #62 ryan howard rookie which just so happens to be #11 on the hotlist
like i said, it was a great show i went with jordan the author of mint condition and my dad, it looks like the next card show is in borden town so unless i get no packs or major news until then thats when my next post is coming.

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