Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My wantlist and a tour of my collection.

I know all collectors have a collection and a wantlist, well here are both of mine,
2007 topps tim lincecum rookie
1971 topps steve garvey rookie
1975 topps george brett rookie
1975 topps robin yount rookie
1989 upper deck ken griffey jr rookie
about 50 1990 score commons to complete my set.
and now for a SMALL tour of my collection,today we do baseball
my oldest card, 1949 bowman dick kokos-no joke
my second oldest 1952 topps joe de maestri
my third oldest 1957 topps mack burk
and now my last old card 1962 topps willie davis
1969 topps don clendenon
1980 topps rickey henderson rookie graded by bvg 7.5
2009 upper deck stephen stasburg usa retrospective
1987 donruss (2) greg maddux rookie
1987 fleer greg maddux rookie
1987 topps traded greg maddux rookie
1985 topps kirby puckett rookie
1984 topps darryl strawberry rookie
1985 topps dwight gooden rookie
1971 topps dave concepcion rookie
1981 fleer kirk gibson rookie
1972 topps bob gibson
1975 topps bob gibson 3000 strike outs
1977 topps nolan ryan
1973 rich gossage rookie
1989 donruss ken griffey jr rookie (2)
1987 fleer mark mcgwire rookie (3)
1987 topps mark mcgwire rookie (6)
1983 frank viola rookie (8)
2006 fleer tradition johnathan papelbon rookie
2008 upper deck 20th anniversarry kosuke fukudome rookie
2008 upper deck baseball heroes kosuke fukudome rookie (3)
1983 fleer wade boggs rookie
1983 fleer ryne sandberg rookie
1983 fleer tony gwynn rookie (2)
1983 donruss tony gwynn rookie
1983 topps tony gywnn rookie
1994 action packed alex rodriguez minor league
1987 topps barry bonds rookie (2)
1982 fleer cal ripken jr rookie
1982 donruss cal ripken jr rookie
1989 fler billy ripken ff
1979 topps ozzie smith rookie
1990 donruss sammy sosa rookie (5)
1990 fleer sammy sosa rookie
1990 topps sammy sosa rookie
1997 best roy halladay minor league card
and thats all i feel like listing right now...if im in in the mood ill list again..peace..

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