Friday, September 4, 2009


last night jordan and his family were nice enough to bring me along to the temple vs villanova game, we were cheering on temple,but sadly they lost 27-24 because of a field goal...that was my first football game ever and it was really fun...also we were at lincoln financial field which is located right next to citizens bank park where the phillies were playing the giants.tim lincecum was pitching against pedro martinez, jayson werth hit his 30th homer of the season,lincecum hit chase utley on a pitch,and philly won...anywho,johnathan papelbon was fined $5000 for taking too long pitching;and earlier today i stopped over at one of the card shops in town and picked up 2 cards....jeremy shockey 2002 bowman rookie and an alex smith (qb) rookie numbered 375/725.thats all for now...

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