Saturday, October 3, 2009

2009 topps allen and ginter blaster box 2008 topps football blaster box and 2008 upper deck goudey pack break

ok first off has anyone seen the topps 2010 design? it looks terrible. im only looking for the strasburg next year and may be taking a look at the other products.
well anyway you came here to read about my box and pack breaks not to here me opinon on topps new design which you can see on mint condition or wax heaven.anyway
what i got in the 2008 goudey pack
what i got in the 2009 allen and ginter box
michael phelps mini
david price baseball highlights rookie
ken griffey jr baseball highlights
carlos lee no number numbered 13/50
and a lot more but the carlos lee was sadly the hit of the box to end my game used streak =(....
i was at target and saw the box of 08 topps football and had to grab it.i wasnt looking for much beings i already have 3 mcfadden rookies 3 ryan rookies and 2 flacco rookies, but anyway i got...
in the extra pack 3 tom bradys tbt-tb6 tbt-t5 and tbt-t4
brett favre flight to 420 bf-377
johnathan stewart rookie
chad henne rookie
eric ainge rookie
jonny blood mcnally hr-jm
art monk hall of fame hof-am which is a really nice card
james a lenihan aff-jl
dyn-rl ronnie lott
and the last card darnell dockett #200 numbered 1691/2008
so yea they were just the hits of the products i bought..... so..peace =)

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