Saturday, May 9, 2009

future hall of famers and... some news...nidoy!!

new segment on my blog called future hall of famers, i take a handful of guys and talk about them and say if they'll go to the hall of fame or not.

Pete rose- pete was an excellent player but he was betting on games so if he ever gets in the hall, its after he passes...

ken griffey jr- this guy is an outstanding player and he player since 1989 so thats 20 years exp.!
plus, griffey is ken griffey's son but hes actually a good player unlike someone like tony gwynn jr or tim raines jr. if griffey plays long enough, he will pass the home run record.

derek jeter- duh! oh sorry there,........NIDOY!!!!!! of course jeter will, thats like gretzky going for hockey or michael jordan going for basketball.

ok im gonna wrap this up, im starting a new blog called right off the bat im going to list some stuff i can trade instead of every week bringing stuff to card lunch........

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