Friday, August 28, 2009

mailday sucsess! (and a few others)

earlier this morning, my dad woke me up waving an envolope in front of my face, i quickly opened it....holy crap! its here!my rickey henderson rookie graded 7.5 by bvg! ive been bothering jordan forever to trade it and he wouldnt so i went to plan b, trading with another friend through the mail. any way later my dad and i went out and got some cards,
derrick coleman rookie 1990 skybox(basketball)
derek jeter rookie topps gold
and a roy halladay minor league card.
today couldnt have gone any better,except if i dug up a t206 honus wagner but thatll never happen, im probably not gonna be posting for a while cause i gotta save up 4 the next show at valley forge PA, and beckett is gonna be there grading cards for
$5 and i got some that i wanna grade..oh and on a completely different note im pretty sure a kennedy died...well come back soon and be sure to play the games and stuff on the bottom of my blog c ya =]

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