Tuesday, December 1, 2009

9 pack break + which was the best design?

It all started a few days ago. i went to the dollar tree and looked around.Silly string. birthday cards.toys made with led paint that no kid wants.and then i saw it; with my own very 2 eyes...BASEBALL CARDS. about 15 boxes of rifled through cards..packs here..packs there...packs on the ground; they were everywhere!they had basketball soccer football baseball...hannah montana?!!?!Well it was there. I ended up buyin 9 packs of the stuff. i couldnt resist it. $1 for a pack of cards.
so i ended up gettin
two packs of ud 08 1st ed. baseball
two packs of donruss americana 2009(-with 5 cards in each pack and 100 cards in the set this could be done in no time..)
two packs of 2008 upper deck football heroes
two packs of upper deck X
and one pack of historical vintage collection.

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