Monday, October 25, 2010

Last weekend's card show

Last weekend the local mall had a card show so of course i was there. I bought countless phillies cards and baseball and football rookie cards but a few cards i got i cannot believe i own now.
1. 1975 Robin Yount - only one of the greatest 1975 topps cards in the set!
2. 2010 Bowman Stephen Stasburg- umm...ITS STRASBURGS ROOKIE! who else throws at 107?
3. Now the Holy Grail of my entire collection....A GMA 10 Stephen Strasburg bowman Chrome rookie!!! This card is just beautiful, its my 3rd different strasburg and it is sick!

Thats about it from the card show though i got some other stuff but not really as great, like an erik bedard auto dan haren jersey card and some nice rookies.

Monday, June 14, 2010

great news

nothing new howeveri just found out last night that my 09 strasburg card is worth $150!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

What a surprise

Today was great. I got to leave school an hour early to take a visit to the dentist, convienetly located next to the card shop, so i ran in. I only got 2 cards but they were still nice,the cards i got were 2007 topps finest refractors both numbered out of 199 those two cards were...
#22 Jeff Francoeur 095/199
#48 Carlos Zambrano 015/199
Overall it was a pretty nice day for a routine visit to the dentist.

Saturday, May 1, 2010


Im so sorry i havent posted in such a long time, but for some odd reason whenever i wanted post it would just be deleted when i pressed publish so it frustrated me and i gave up on blogging for a while, well id just like to let you know im back in buisness and got a great hit today; at a yard sale. I got a graded 1950 Bowman jonny mize for $17 and it books for $50-$80! There were also 2 other vintage cards graded from that set but no one recognizable. I havent been collecting so much lately but ive had a few hits since last post including my third 2001 upper deck ryan howard rooke (bccg 10, my johhny mize,some rookie cards like longo,cueto,fukudome,a numbered card of ryan zimmerman,too many to name them all, but im glad to be back!,(ps did any one see that turn around that the phillies had today and the game yesterday??