Thursday, April 30, 2009

number 7

Billy ripken 1987 fleer and i think you know why this card is on here..........

number 8

rickey henderson rookie

number 9

#9 ozzie smith rookie

SoMe Of ThE bEsT cArDs EvEr MaDe from # 10 -1

number 10. roger clemens rookie 1984 fleer update

player of the week

im going to start something new on my blog called player of the week i'll talk about a few different players and rate them from one to ten, whoever i think was the best is
week 1
chase utley
raul ibanez
Ryan Howard
cole hamels

OK they were the players, here are the ratings, i give...
Chase utley-8 hes doing pretty well
Cole hamels-5 good pitching a few days ago but injured ankle
Ryan howard- 9 grand slam
Raul ibanez- 10 hit a few homers and a grand slam in the same same howard hit his to take the lead and win
And.....................Raul ibanez is the PLAYER OF THE WEEK!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Want list

yea, some stuff i need is :
any 1990 score baseball
2008 topps boston red sox team
tim lincecum rookie
orel hershiser rookie
brad lidge 2008 topps
any game used or autos
ken griffey jr rookie upper deck 1989
raul ibanez rookie
any gold or black numbered cards
and any cole hamels cards

Thursday, April 23, 2009


Jordan, u said u wanted ichiro and greg maddux 09 topps? what u wanna trade in return?


Ya like jordan, i havent been on for a while either, well sadly no pack breaks no trades no card shows, just news
tony gonzalez was traded from the cheifs to the falcons, oh and jordan, i didnt stop the blog including u, if im going to do it it is going to be on house of cards

Saturday, April 18, 2009

gary sheffield

yea.........he's the 25th player to hit 500 home runs..........=)
oh yea and i cancelled hey jordan, things just werent working out if im going to do that i should just do that on house of cards

2009 topps pack break

johan santana-great way to start off a pack
kyle kendrick-yeaaaaa phillies!
chris young-who?
santana ,lincecum & peavy-good
lee,halladay,and matsuzaka-good
upton, crawford & longoria-have it but good.....
topps town ichiro -wow ichiro is a very common topps town
bob green-who?
brad lidge-Great!
bud black-have it but still a good player
last but defianatley least, edgar gonzalez-about my 4th card of him so far.......=/


went to a card store i haven't went to for a while..and got...........
chipper jones donruss rookie-10 cents
chipper jones donruss rookie-10 cents
mike liberthal rookie-10 cents
sandy alomar jr rookie- 10 cents
kosuke fukudome rookie upper deck-10 cents
kosuke fukudome rookie upper deck baseball heroes-10 cents
kosuke fukudome rookie upper deck baseball heroes-10 cents
kosuke fukudome rookie upper deck baseball heroes-10 cents
clay bucholz rookie upper deck baseball heroes-10 cents
clay bucholz rookie upper deck baseball heroes-10 cents
evan longoria rookie-10 cents
daunte culpepper rookie bowman-$1
ron johnson rookie dual game used card- $1 (piece of jersey and football)
melina vs torrie wilson ring mat piece card-$1(wwe)
valeri bure jersey card 2 colors-$1
and the last thing i got was a 2009 topps pack which ill post in about a minute

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

lastings millidge

yea he was sent down to the minors.........!not that bottom

scroll to the bottom and you can see all the posts 4 the month

2007 upper deck pack break first edition

josh willingham
adam lind rookie
gerald laird
david dellucci
taylor tankersley
ryan langerhans
jose castillo
joe nelson
jon rauch
and the only good card of the pack......alfonso soriano momentum swing,
what do all these cards have in common?THEY ALL SUCK }=-()

2007 topps pack break

kameron loe-who?
aaron miles-who?
matt holliday-great!
jd durbin-some phillies pitcher and hes nowhere near the spotlight with moyer myers and hamels around
ty wigginton-who?
josh barfield generation now-who?

1988 fleer pack break

leftover packs i never opened from easter---let's rip...........
yankees sticker-always nice to pull a yankee----....anything!
john kruk-padre-phillie-announcer.....
prospects-dave otto-walt weiss
nate snell-who
rick rodriguez-never heard of the rick rod
andres gallagra-nice!
charlie leibrandt-who
prospects-greg jelks-tom newell
jimmy key-who
keith miller-who
brian downing-who?
glenn wilson-who
tony gwynn and vince coleman the hitting king and the theif
john morris-who
ron kittle-who?-yankee-who?
rj reynolds-whooooooooooooooooooo?
blah blah postin next pack in a min=p

josh beckett

josh beckett was suspended for 3 days for a pitch a bobby abreau's head and boxing legend oscar de la hoya will retire =(

3 more pack breaks very soon

yea i got 3 more packs and ill post em later maybe 10 mins........

Monday, April 13, 2009

Harry kalas died today

You know, the announcer the phillies! 2008 world champions!!!!!! brad lidge does it again!!!!!ya he died today
also nick adenhart died a few days ago in a car accident, he was going to be the star rookie pitcher for the angels this year.....

Last pack!donruss playoff 2008 pack break pack 4/4!!!

packers tatoo-im not putting this on, if i do i might grow chesse all over
derrick brooks-buccaneers!one of my favs!
thomas brown- rookie-i like the falcons too,matt ryan michael vick alge crumpler etc.
jon beason-wow, 3 nfc souths in a row...........
mario williams-the texans never seem to have much news..........
matt forte rookie-i believed in the bears at one point but they failed me, i still like urlacher and hester!
Well thats it thay were only a buck a pack and i had $30 bucks from easter so its definatley not my last packs for a while.......

donruss playoff 2008 pack break pack #3/4

Matt hasselbeck-man, i used to like this guy, but what happened to this guy he was great at one point......
redskins tatoo-i dont want this, if i put it on i might get redskin
thomas jones-boooo!i really dont know why im booing him=)
troy polamalu-i hate the steelers but this guys great.
roydell williams-titans were good in 2008 i thought they'd go to the super bowl but the didnt
dexter jackson rookie-buccaneers!HES NUMBER 1!!!!!(no seriously hes number 1.....)

donruss play off pack break pack #2/4

caleb cambell-rookie-crap another lion......
chris cooley-never heard of him
shawne merriman-who-hoo-good player-boooo!did steroids!
brandon jones-titans reciever,-vince youngs go-to guy?
L.T!Ladanian tomlinson-yes, and still on the chargers....
future franchise-laurence maroney-2nd card of him so far-whoo hoo 2 inserts in 2 packs
aveion cason-crap another lion-why do i hate the lions?-if i was a lions fan i would appreciate these lions cards-but im not so deal with it!

donruss playoff 2008 pack break pack #1/4

jon kitna-boooooooooo lions suck!Disagree?look at there 2008 record cough cough 0-16...
chris kelsay-looks like hes mad
laurence marony-good rb patriots are great
will smith-wait, oh no, not the fresh prince......=/
mason crosby-oh no!a cheese head!
maurice hicks-boooo!a viking,a team with one good player (adrian peterson)
and an insert tony romo the franchise

topps 09 pack break

ok i went to modells and long story short, i got a topps 09 pack and 4 2008 donruss playoff football packs.heres what was in the topps pack-
jose bautista-ahhhhhh, got it........
omar infante-got it
jeff bailey-who?
nate mclouth-who?
chris dickerson-who?
mike cameron-who?
topps town evan longoria-good
topps attax-booooooooooooooooooooooo!
michael bowden-rookie
shane victorino-great!
gerald laird-who?
dustin mcgowan-who????????????????????????????????????????????
ohhh, heres one last one my friend will surely appreciate in a trade.........greg maddux!!!

Sunday, April 12, 2009


ya, today was easter and i got a few packs, 1988 fleer 2007 upper deck first edition and topps 07, but the highlight of the packs was a willie stargell 2 colored jersey piece!(yellow and white).
Happy easter

Friday, April 10, 2009

Some of my best cards

So today it was a nice spring day no wind, warm. I was going to go outside as soon as i sorted out the rest of these cards spreng among my table. some of the highlights were albert pujols all star game 2001(the card on the left). 1989 topps roberto alomar, sandy alomar jr 1990 donruss, creased tim raines rookie =(, edgar martinez varient with golden name (1992 topps), and about 10 of the same 1981 fleer joe and phil neikro cards.oh and one last thing, i found probably my only o pee chee card and it is of eric davis. if i find anything special i will post it and may trade it......

Thursday, April 9, 2009


yea, i have more news some rookie pitcher on the angels got killed ina car accident,
i started Hey Jordan and i decided to keep going with house of cards, not cancelling it

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

upper deck 2003 pack break

star rookie-shawn sedlacek-who???
omar vizquel-ahhhhhhhhh
brad penny-who?
timo perez-who?
edgar martinez-1 good one lol.
THIS PACK SUCKED<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<----------------------------

2007 Fleer ultra pack break

My dad came home and suprised me with this and a pack of '03 upper deck heres the fleer first,-
jhonny peralta-who?
huston street-who?
adrian beltre-good, but in the picture it looks like hes got a midget hiding in the back of his shirt.
Don kelly rookie-who?-worth $1
vladmir guerrero-finally-worth $1

2008 upper deck X pack break number 2

joe mauer-who hoo im on a streak of all good players
Hideki matsui x potential X1 wow 2 matsui X's in 2 packs?
vernon wells-wow my streak seems like it will never end
brandon webb-(echo) wow my streak seems like it will never end
lance berkman-only 2 more cards will i get 2 more good ones?
BJ upton-one more card and ill have all good peeps.
mark teixeira-YEAAAAA......wait........-hold up, the braves?????

2008 upper deck X pack break pack number 1

I went out to get a hair cut and it was really busy so we went in a few stores, one of them was dick's. (Don't make the comment........). So i got 2 packs of upper deck X heres what the 1st contained-
redemtion card-get all 9 and you get a guarenteed jersey card-pretty cool
hideki matsui x potential X2- Cool,good player
David ortiz X potential X3- cool another good player but 2 in a row is rare!
ken griffey jr-its cut like an x its pretty cool, good player
tim lincecum- wow, if only this were 2007.........=(
jermaine dye- once a world series mvp
manny ramirez-wow
Really good players in the pack but nothing worth anything..... read my next pack break.

Monday, April 6, 2009


raiders signed jeff garcia for a 1 year deal-why didn't the bucs keep this guy??????
michael jordan finally in the hall of fame- ummmmm he should have been a long time ago...

Friday, April 3, 2009


curt schilling retired
ichiro is on the disabled list for 15 days
gary sheffield is going to the new york mets
Cole hamels will not be the opener for opening day due to injury

tazz was released right before wrestlemania
Gail kim came to smackdown


Jay Cutler traded
Plaxico Burress released

I'm going to make 2 new blogs soon, one call "Hey Joradan"where i can talk to jordan (another collecter) about trades, and i dont know what the other one will be called, but house of cards will be ended soon probably after 50th post..='(


I traded with one of my friends and got jay bruce rookie, evan longoria rookie gold (369/2008)
Daisuke matsuzaka(ud '09) derek jeter gold starquest, and evan longoria and david price.