Wednesday, July 29, 2009

im back

a lot of stuff has been going on so i havent been able to get on recently but im on now and i got news baby,
brett favre stayed retired
i dont know if i said this or not but i found a jeremy hermida rookie, and i got my 1st 2008 upper deck goudey pack
what is a pack without a pack break? let's rip!
1st card some security thingy!
2nd phil rizzuto-way to start off a pack with a legend.
bobby doerr- another legend wow
johnny bench-ok this is the best pack break ever!
trevor hoffman-the all time mlb saves leader.
brandon phillips-a nobody
manny ramirez-a somebody who used roids.
yankee stadium legacy bill "moose" skowron- my 1st yankee stadium legacy
and to end the pack strong a clayton kershaw rookie

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  1. Welcome back. I like your blog and am interested in trading links. Please email me if you would like to do so.