Saturday, May 23, 2009

my best topps heritage pack break yet!

so ya went to 7 eleven and saw goudey and heritage got heritage and um.......searched the packs..
yea so heres what i got =) -
corey patterson-who?
ben sheets- brewers all time strikeout leader
atlanta braves team card/checklist-ok
jarrod washburn- he went 121 innings in 07-08 with out a stolen base
john buck-in 2005 john held the KC catchers record with a .996 fld%.
joe mauer-sp!short print, not numbered but the back is different and it is number 442
and the card of the pack we have all been waiting for.........
clubhouse collection BJ Upton game used Bat!!!! my 1st game used from heritage in only my 3rd pack!! so the lesson is,.........pack searching pays off.........

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