Saturday, May 16, 2009

topps heritage 2009 pack break

Yesterday while hanging out with my friend scott, we decided to go to 7 eleven. While riding our scooters there we were doing tricks, and i went for a 360 the first time and got like a 280, i tried it again and the bottom of the scooter went sideways in midair and i landed stomach first then nailed my arms. my elbows were bleeding but we kept going, when we arrived we got a combo meal thingy, hot dog,chips, big gulp, oh sorry (indian accent) BIG GULP! on the way out i saw cards. OF COURSE I GRAB A PACK. topps heritage 2009. Never bought heritage. LETS RIP!
Nate mclouth-who?
garret olson-who?
Wright & a rod-perhaps a better name-wrong and a fraud
rookie-david price-just kidding-matt antonelli
felipe lopez-sabes que i got this!-oh sorry wrong lopez...
ryan freel-who?
blake dewitt-who?
aaron cook-who?-back of the card says-aaron has come back from life threatening blood clots in his lungs.

ahh... suckish pack

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