Sunday, December 20, 2009

Hey guess what people? 2 more celeberty deaths :(....

Recently Chris Henry of the cincinatti bengals fell out of a pickup truck and died; so rest in peace Chris henry...
and earlier today brittany murphy was found dead at Cedar-sinai medical center;
so rest in peace Brittany Murphy

Friday, December 18, 2009


ok..not much of an extravaganza but i got a box of 2009 topps update
the phillies 2008 world series set
and a one touch holder for my ryan howard rookie
i prefer to keep my sets sealed so i just opened my blaster box..

the topps towns-
DAN uggla
alexei ramirez
adrian gonzalez
justin verlander
carl crawford
josh beckett
felix hernandez
chris carpenter
michael young

the rookies-
kyle blanks
mark rzepcynski, sadly thats spelled correctly
julio borbon
daniel bard
and aaron bates

the legends of the games (update)
george sisler

the turkey reds-
johnny cueto
randy johnson

the phillies-
chase utley all star
jason werth all star
ben fransico...btw i am so mad the phillies traded lee i mean halladays good and all but i didnt see that coming...but anyway

the golds /2009
Jerry hairston Jr rookie?
lastings milledge
hanley ramirez all star

the usa baseball-
wright & jeter

the card i have no idea what its called!
alfonso soriano insert it looks like a drawing says lead us to victory support our northsiders...i have no idea what it is but anyway

the season highlights!
orlando hudson

the all stars!
heath bell
brian mccann
ryan braun
joe nathan
jason marquis
jason bay
edwin jackson
andrew bailey
johnathan broxton
adrian gonzalez
joe mauer
brandon inge
and hunter pence

the patch which was pretty much the hit of the box its now my second one now (frank robinson was the other) well, it is.........robin yount 1980 all star game patch my next post will be my next break which may be christmas..i dont know well see how things go...

Monday, December 7, 2009

need to catch up on sports news?here it is.

colt mccoy leads all finalists for heisman trophy
allen iverson returned to the sixers!
Brad penny agrees to a deal with the cardinals
Whitney Herzog entered into Hall of Fame
Andy pettite WILL continue to play next year
and did anyone see that saints game? I heard they were undefeated.
I heard they were down and drew brees threw an interception, the guy who picked it off ran past everyone except brees, brees tackles him.he fumbles.drew brees returns the fumble for a touchdown.Saints win. still undefeated.
any news you feel i left out? please comment :)

Sunday, December 6, 2009

philly card show in valley forge

I just returned about 2 hours ago from maybe the greatest card show ive ever witnessed. First off a free signer. Keith moreland. Not the greatest player ever but a nice guy that signed 4 cards for me. he signed my..
1981 topps keith moreland
1981 fleer keith moreland
1987 donruss keith moreland and my
1988 topps keith moreland
Mr. Moreland was a very nice guy and was a pleasure to meet.
I got several major they were
1978 topps pete rose
1978 topps reggie jackson all star (working on this set) if anyone can help me with this set with their doubles or anything please comment)
there were the dollar sets.
1990 score rookie and traded
1991 score rookie and traded
1990 upper deck rookie/traded high # series
there were the 10 cent cards..
2008 topps ryan braun rookie of the year gold 0497/2008
2008 upper deck football heroes limas sweed rookie numbered 11/75
2004 upper deck ultimate collection paul pierce 273/750
oh yeah i picked up a beckett too because mine needed to be updated
2008 topps darren mcfadden rookie
2009 upper deck goudey david price rookie
1996 upper deck mike alstott rookie
campaign 2008 democrat bill richardson
campaign 2008 GOP ron paul
campaign 2008 democrat dennis kucinich
2008 upper deck x clay buchholz rookie
2008 upper deck x kosuke fukudome rookie
2008 topps chrome black refractor rookie john david booty-booty-booty rock it everywhere
a card i accidently picked up- 2003 topps 203 bj upton...luckily it was a rookie woo-hoo
i also picked up a 1986 topps rack pack for a 3 things for a dollar deal along with the last 2 cards.
now heres the big stuff
starting out small
ryan madson 2002 bowman rookie-oh yea!!!
(2) silver edition ryan howard 2004 just minors rookies. I have the white one too.
2006 upper deck ryan howard insert really cool card
2007 topps ryan howard
2005 diamond king ryan howard...-no jordan you cannot have it...
2009 topps ryan howard
2007 bowmans best ryan howard which happens to be a really nice card
2007 topps opening day cole hamels
2003 minor league cole hamels (white)
2006 bowman heritage cole hamels rookie-boo yah
2000 topps brett myers rookie
(2) shane victorino minor league cards
(2) jimmy rollins minor leauge cards of jimmy rollins
1998 bowman jimmy rollins rookie
2003 bowman chrome rookie of cliff lee - awesome!
and now the REAL big stuff.......haha
2001 UD graded rookie series #82 correll buckhalter action 052/900 BECKETT 9
1987 donruss #361 Barry Bonds NM-MT 8 PSA 8
and my two favorites were
J.A HAPP DRAFT PICK AUTO 0889/1195 donruss elite 2004 extra edition
2001 upper deck #62 ryan howard rookie which just so happens to be #11 on the hotlist
like i said, it was a great show i went with jordan the author of mint condition and my dad, it looks like the next card show is in borden town so unless i get no packs or major news until then thats when my next post is coming.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


just some basic info here for the philly show in valley forge heres the link
keith moreland- free signer
todd pratt- free signer
steve carlton-1st inscription is free
others are going to be there too like..
pete rose
mike schmidt
shane victorino
jamie moyer
and more to be added soon.
SUNDAY. I WILL BE THERE. all basic info is on the link which once again is

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

part 2 of the 9 pack break

sorry my internet froze and all of a sudden my draft was posted so anyway here were the hits! oh by the way historical vintage collection is a repack of cards from 50s-90s
1984 topps rod carew
die cut vicot martinez
die cut alfonso soriano
brandon phillips x potential
ichiro x potiential X 3-- really nice card
albert pujols
ysl-ron guidry
early doucet III rookie
eli manning cool checklist
vladdy starquest
j-roll star quest
hirokie kuroda rookie
michael johnson sports heroes
jackie joyner kearse sports heroes
fran larkenton football hero/legenday hero
sam baker rookie
ali highsmith rookie
steve vai guitar hero
ah nothin much but watcha expect from the dollar store? :) sorry i havent posted in a really long time ive been in spirling depression since my favorite team lost to my other favorite team in the series...just kidding :) just too much stuff with school and all...................oh by the way thank you jordan im almost finished putting together my 1978 topps set u are awesome for helping me :P

9 pack break + which was the best design?

It all started a few days ago. i went to the dollar tree and looked around.Silly string. birthday made with led paint that no kid wants.and then i saw it; with my own very 2 eyes...BASEBALL CARDS. about 15 boxes of rifled through cards..packs here..packs there...packs on the ground; they were everywhere!they had basketball soccer football baseball...hannah montana?!!?!Well it was there. I ended up buyin 9 packs of the stuff. i couldnt resist it. $1 for a pack of cards.
so i ended up gettin
two packs of ud 08 1st ed. baseball
two packs of donruss americana 2009(-with 5 cards in each pack and 100 cards in the set this could be done in no time..)
two packs of 2008 upper deck football heroes
two packs of upper deck X
and one pack of historical vintage collection.