Saturday, June 27, 2009

...a hockey card collectors dream...

today as i was cleaning my room(only for allowance...)my dad came in and told me there was a yard sale a few houses down and they had cards. I cleaned as fast as i could and got some money$$$$. As i looked around i finally fond a box of hockey cards which read; all for $20, as i searched the box i found countless unknown canadians and the wierdest names under the sun...finally i got the cards i wanted it totaled up to $3,i got
a plastic case that contained 7 numbered cards,
mats sundin 0053/3099
nicklas lidstrom 1027/3099
adam oates 0122/3099
peter bondra 0552/6199
mike peca 0599/6199
pat lafotaine 0582/6199
and brian leetch 0585/6199, also i got 2 autos,
an autograph of daniel alfredsson
and an autogpraph of matthew barnaby which is in a case on a plaque.
so once again it only cost me $3 and i looked them up and they are worth $33.46 not bad for hockey...

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