Monday, March 30, 2009

Cole Hamels

Cole hamels will not be the phillies opener

Saturday, March 28, 2009

upper deck 09 pack break

after i got the topps 09 pack i decided to get an upper deck pack also, i got........
dan haren
geovany soto
jason bay
luis gonzalez
franklin gutierrez
joey gathright
ROOKIE aaron cunningham
cubs team leaders
usa baseball retrospective usa-7 netherlands-0
grady sizemore
ROOKIE dexter fowler
pirates team leaders
johnny damon
johan santana
hideki matsui
adam eaton
raul ibanez
mark mulder
Pretty good pack i wonder if ill ever get the ken griffey jr rookie auto....

topps 09 pack break

topps 09 pack from 7 eleven. i got-
cliff lee
james shields
brandon wood
todd wellemeyer
odalis perez
legends of the game carl yastrzemski
topps town josh hamilton
dan uggla
ROOKIE francisco cervelli
miguel cabrera
jon garland
ronnie belliard
I guess it was a pretty good pack but my friend got a shane victorino and a shane victorino turkey red.

grab pack break

i got a grab pack i opened it and got-
1992 babe ruth the sporting news
bowman 2004(4)
clint everts
joel guzman
matt cain
wil ledezma
2001 upper deck sp (10)
frank thomas
magglio ordonez
bobby higginson
jermaine dye
freddy garcia
aramis ramirez
cliff floyd
frank thomas
matt lawton
dean palmer
fleer 92 (15)
devon white
rafael palmeiro
harold baines and wade boggs super star specials
ruben amaro jr
kevin elster
mike fetters
george bell
candy maldonado
darren holmes
mike pagliarulo
jim gantner
dan plesac
orel hershiser
rex hulder
rod beck
I spent a dollar on this grab pack. this one sucked.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Topps 2009 pack break

I went to Wal Mart to get something for school and on my way past the card aisle I grabbed a pack of topps 09.I got home i opened it up and got:
yuniesky betancourt- who?-this guy looked like he crapped him self while running
joe madden-double-poor joe looks like he forgot where he is
edgar gonzalez-double-on the back there is an error on ops, everything is same except it
ROOKIE-humberto Sanchez-yankee-this guy puts hu in humbertooooooooooooooooooo
legends of the game lou gehrig-wow finally a good lotg
ROOKIE-george kottaras-i wont know until the season starts to no if hes good
alex gordon-whoo!-......whoo!!!
omar infante-ok-picture looks staged no fans hes bunting to no baseball
jose batista-its got a messed up corner-if you look closley there is blood on the base
brian mcCann-who?..........who????
Yet another toppstown ryan howard
(you know i always save the best for last) =)
David price rookie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!BALLIN'

Saturday, March 21, 2009

upper deck 2009 pack break

I went to 7 eleven i stared at the packs of cards.....
hannah montana???????
But then...... i saw upper deck 2009 cards my friend and i quickly grabbed a pack each
my friend got cole hamels but it had a messed up corner so i didn't want it that was the highlight of his pack, my pack contained.....
jim thome season highlights- startin this pack out good
ryan braun- i think i heard of him, but to me he's still considered a"who?????????????"
chris duncan-who?
ramon hernandez-who??????
jeff samardzija-who??????????
J.R. towles-who???????????
brian fuentes-who???????????
chase headley-who are these people??????
mike hampton-ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
mark ellis-....................
moises alou-awesome!!!
ichiro-now im getting exited.......
wait,.......what the ************ is this?? i got a freakin' hockey card??????first nhl winter classic
manny ramirez season highlights-HAHA red sox
starquest blue uncommon of johan santana!
chone figgins-ok
team checklist joe mauer-ok
paul konerko-sweet!
i got an advertisement card but i gave it to my friend
overall it was an ok pack other than the nobodys the hockey card and the ad
The pack says look for ken griffey jr rookie autograph cards so ill be sure to buy more soon!

Card Shop

i went to one card shop and it was closed so i went to another one and got 2 really good cards, they were........................
kevin mitchell rookie topps 1986
and i got another card i couldn't find a picture because of scarcity, it was topps 2006 erik bedard numbered 1/55!!!!!!!!!!!!!!the first one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(i only got 2 because i didn't bring much money)

later today im going to a card shop if i get anything (which i probably will) i will post it later on today or tommorrow

Friday, March 20, 2009

former wrestler test has passed away apparently from steroids

tna wrestling pack break

i got some tna cards cause I wanted to try something new and I got........
Traci brooks- met her in person at a wrestling merchandise show
team 3d- formerly known as one of the biggest names in ecw the dudleys
we are tna womens championship- awesome kong and gail kim on front. kim's comin to wwe soon
rudy charles- they seriously do not have to make cards of the referees.......
and don west- one of the worst commentaters

Monday, March 16, 2009

2nd card show

On sunday i went to my second ever card show. it was at valley forge in PA. It was one of the biggest shows on the east coast. Dickie Noles was the free signer for the day. He was a really cool and nice guy. He signed both of my cardsand let me hold his world series ring! I got a lot of good cards and so did my friend jordan. here are the cards i got:
4 bo jackson future stars cards
2 jose canseco rookies
josh hamilton rookie
mark texiera rookie
vladmir guerrero/andruw jones rookie
6 frank viola rookies
jayson werth rookie
bernie williams rookie topps chrome
hee seop choi rookie
2 brian urlacher rookies
Daunte culpepper/randy moss double rookie card, see thru numbered 186/250
pat burrellclassic clippings numbered 81/150
steve carlton donruss classics numbered 2181/2499
Brad johnson numbered 145/250-whoo hoo a buccaneer!!
jamarcus russel rookie showing him in lsu and in oakland numbered 308/500
pee wee reese topps triple threads numbered 1137/1350
deion branch rookie card numbered 337/1000
I got the topps 2003 phillie sset which contained cole hamels and chase utley rookie
mark mcgwire bowmans best
jevon kearse rookie
antwaan randle el rookie
hideki matsui upper deckx x-potential
juan gonzalez 1990 donruss normal and reverse negitave rookie card
10 barry larkin rookies
rafael palmeiro rookie
jason giambi rookie
frank thomas rookie
garret anderson rookie
ichiro rookie
cal ripken jr limited edition mcdonalds card
ivan rodriguez rookie
chipper jones rookie omega
chipper jones rookie topps
nomar garciaparra rookie upper deck sp
michael jordan rookie(yes, baseball)
aramis ramirez rookie
ken griffey jr rookie topps
shawn green rookie
randy johnson rookie
randy johnson rookie traded
warrick dunn maximum impact (another buccaneer)
deuce mcallister rookie
kyle boller rookie
alfonso soriano rookie
pat burrell rookie chrome
tom brady rookie
michael clayton rookie topps (bucs)
michael clayton rookie upper deck(bucs)
vince young college card
dickie noles signed 1981 fleer card
dickie noles signed 1988 traded topps card
hoyt wilhelm jersey piece?
jim thome jersey piece with pinstripe
curt schilling jersey piece(inside the diamond backs logo, all purple)
another jim thome jersey piece with a pinstripe
jeremy shockey jersey piece(all white)
barry larkin jersey piece with pinstripe
fred mcgriff jersey piece with blue pinstripe.
some guy was giving kids a free sports illustrated magazine so i got one. its like a boston tribute.
so it was pretty fun and thats what i got. see ya next time.

Friday, March 13, 2009


A-rod he was definatley one of the best this year but the steroid scandel is not helpin him at all,

He could've played harder.

Jordan's idea

Today my friend jordan gave me the idea to do the best players of certain years from #25 to #1
Ill post a few today..........The 1st year will be 2008 each player will have a brief summary and possibly a picture of his rookie card

Saturday, March 7, 2009

cards cards cards

later today i bought more cards, they were 10 cents each and they included the following

Mike alstott 1999 topps chrome

barry larkin rookie

derek jeter rookie upper deck

Sandy alomar jr rookie

ivan rodriguez.

Card show at holiday inn cherry hill

i went to a card show at the holiday inn at cherry hill i got a few things.

I got...............

Topps 07 factory sealed set -$15 pretty cheap, dept. stores are like 50 bucks!

daryl ward, richie sexson, david ortiz rookie card-whoo hoo only a buck!!

ozzie timmons, curtis goodwin, jeff abbot and johnny damon rookie- a buck!damon!!!!!

mike frank, gabe kapler, lance berkman rookie!-a buck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reggie bush double jersey card nfl artifacts, numbered to 285/350- pretty good 4 $5

Also i got 3 packs of allen and ginter. i opened them bad boys up and got......

3 minis- john smoltz- awesome

orlando hudson-who?

jeff neiman-rookie

ok here are the normal sized ones now-

state cards of paul konerko and johnathan pabelon- ok

aj burnett-who???

yovani gallardo-who???????????

shane victorino- cool a good one

john lackey-who?

allen fisher- this guy is the arm wrestling champ

golden gate bridge- wow i wasnt expecting that

bobby jenks-who??????

jacoby ellsbury- who???

joe blanton-who are these people??????????????????

jake peavy- finally.......

pluto-have it

mark teahen-ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh............

orlando cabrera- come on.............

gary sheffield- sweet!

james fenimore cooper-novelist

johnny cueto rookie- worth $2

daric barton rookie- worth $2

chin-lung hu rookie- worth $2

whats this.................??

LAST CARD....................................

Jarrod Saltalamacchia auto graphed framed card

Thursday, March 5, 2009

are baseball cards worth it in this bad economy???

Are baseball cards worth it in this bad economy??? imagine how many packs youre buying without landing a star. is there any good rookie that year? will the value increase?? post comments whether or not they're worth buying.

another funny baseball picture

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

whoops you missed

funny baseball picture


Yes MANNY found a team. i bet he was as suprised as us! yup so hes on the dodgers........=)

A pack a day

i saw a guys account and it inspired me to go atleast 1 pack a day. Ill take the plunge today

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

cheap wax

what is the cheapest pack of cards around?-thanks

topps 2009 error card!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

there is a error card in topps 2009! im not sure of the error but the card is mickey mantle.

My Dad's cards

On friday my dad gave me his binder which held his most valuable cards. There are 15 error cards!!!!!!! football baseball hockey. I'll keep it simple:
Eric davis rookie
barry larkin rookie
bo jackson rookie -(both sports)
ken griffey jr rookies
nolan ryan 5000 ks error (7)
nolan ryan king of kings error(7)
Juan gonzalez rookies not to mention the reverse negitave version in 1990 donruss.
curt schilling rookies
cal ripken jr rookies
don mattingly limited edition
oddbie mcdowell limited edition
And alot more i just really dont have the time to list em all

2009 upper deck pack break

This week i got to target and bought the new 2009 upper deck cards! WHO-HOO!
I got.............................
Derek jeter rare gold card-whooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!
2008 documentary world series- boo rays go phils!
carlos pena- who?
chipper jones- ahhh what do i care i got 2 of his rookie
kelly johnson-.........who?
Nomar garciaparra-SWEET
team leaders for la dodgers- who gives 2 craps about the dodgers the phils are where its at!!!
Takashi saito- wow sounds like he's a pokemon
ryan dempster- why do i get the crappy ones?
jermaine dye- aghh.................he's ok...........
Mark grudzielaner- Where are these people gettin these names from?!?!!?!?!?
dontrelle willis- now were talkin'
johnathan niese- ahhhh some rookie
daniel murphy- come on......................
yovani gallardo- WHO?????????????????????????????????????????????????????
Adam kennedy- ok
willy mo pena- gettin better
LAST CaRD............................................