Wednesday, August 19, 2009

i bet you didnt expect this....

ok a lot of things have been going on, for example brett favre came out of retirement to play for the vikings who were in serious need of a qb but not a qb in serious need of a nursing home, brandon marshall still isnt traded, ben rothesblahblahblahburger was accused of rape! im not quite sure what the story is but you can look it up on, but anyway i got 6 packs of 2008 upper deck 1st edition--horrible packs-- a box of 2009 upper deck -- with an amazing pull,the pulls-
10million starquests 10 million etopps cards a donavan tate usa baseball card and the best pull,a jered weaver double jersey card numbered 065/148 and im selling my cards i got from the card show to make some money.... oh and i think tommorow im getting a box or 2 of 2007 upper deck 1st edition-...i like upper deck =)

ps it would help a lot if u guys can tell your friends about my blog or if you read my blog follow it, the more followers i get the more box breaks and pack breaks i do....well i gotta go watch the phillies game...peace =)

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