Saturday, March 21, 2009

upper deck 2009 pack break

I went to 7 eleven i stared at the packs of cards.....
hannah montana???????
But then...... i saw upper deck 2009 cards my friend and i quickly grabbed a pack each
my friend got cole hamels but it had a messed up corner so i didn't want it that was the highlight of his pack, my pack contained.....
jim thome season highlights- startin this pack out good
ryan braun- i think i heard of him, but to me he's still considered a"who?????????????"
chris duncan-who?
ramon hernandez-who??????
jeff samardzija-who??????????
J.R. towles-who???????????
brian fuentes-who???????????
chase headley-who are these people??????
mike hampton-ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
mark ellis-....................
moises alou-awesome!!!
ichiro-now im getting exited.......
wait,.......what the ************ is this?? i got a freakin' hockey card??????first nhl winter classic
manny ramirez season highlights-HAHA red sox
starquest blue uncommon of johan santana!
chone figgins-ok
team checklist joe mauer-ok
paul konerko-sweet!
i got an advertisement card but i gave it to my friend
overall it was an ok pack other than the nobodys the hockey card and the ad
The pack says look for ken griffey jr rookie autograph cards so ill be sure to buy more soon!

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