Monday, March 16, 2009

2nd card show

On sunday i went to my second ever card show. it was at valley forge in PA. It was one of the biggest shows on the east coast. Dickie Noles was the free signer for the day. He was a really cool and nice guy. He signed both of my cardsand let me hold his world series ring! I got a lot of good cards and so did my friend jordan. here are the cards i got:
4 bo jackson future stars cards
2 jose canseco rookies
josh hamilton rookie
mark texiera rookie
vladmir guerrero/andruw jones rookie
6 frank viola rookies
jayson werth rookie
bernie williams rookie topps chrome
hee seop choi rookie
2 brian urlacher rookies
Daunte culpepper/randy moss double rookie card, see thru numbered 186/250
pat burrellclassic clippings numbered 81/150
steve carlton donruss classics numbered 2181/2499
Brad johnson numbered 145/250-whoo hoo a buccaneer!!
jamarcus russel rookie showing him in lsu and in oakland numbered 308/500
pee wee reese topps triple threads numbered 1137/1350
deion branch rookie card numbered 337/1000
I got the topps 2003 phillie sset which contained cole hamels and chase utley rookie
mark mcgwire bowmans best
jevon kearse rookie
antwaan randle el rookie
hideki matsui upper deckx x-potential
juan gonzalez 1990 donruss normal and reverse negitave rookie card
10 barry larkin rookies
rafael palmeiro rookie
jason giambi rookie
frank thomas rookie
garret anderson rookie
ichiro rookie
cal ripken jr limited edition mcdonalds card
ivan rodriguez rookie
chipper jones rookie omega
chipper jones rookie topps
nomar garciaparra rookie upper deck sp
michael jordan rookie(yes, baseball)
aramis ramirez rookie
ken griffey jr rookie topps
shawn green rookie
randy johnson rookie
randy johnson rookie traded
warrick dunn maximum impact (another buccaneer)
deuce mcallister rookie
kyle boller rookie
alfonso soriano rookie
pat burrell rookie chrome
tom brady rookie
michael clayton rookie topps (bucs)
michael clayton rookie upper deck(bucs)
vince young college card
dickie noles signed 1981 fleer card
dickie noles signed 1988 traded topps card
hoyt wilhelm jersey piece?
jim thome jersey piece with pinstripe
curt schilling jersey piece(inside the diamond backs logo, all purple)
another jim thome jersey piece with a pinstripe
jeremy shockey jersey piece(all white)
barry larkin jersey piece with pinstripe
fred mcgriff jersey piece with blue pinstripe.
some guy was giving kids a free sports illustrated magazine so i got one. its like a boston tribute.
so it was pretty fun and thats what i got. see ya next time.

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