Saturday, May 1, 2010


Im so sorry i havent posted in such a long time, but for some odd reason whenever i wanted post it would just be deleted when i pressed publish so it frustrated me and i gave up on blogging for a while, well id just like to let you know im back in buisness and got a great hit today; at a yard sale. I got a graded 1950 Bowman jonny mize for $17 and it books for $50-$80! There were also 2 other vintage cards graded from that set but no one recognizable. I havent been collecting so much lately but ive had a few hits since last post including my third 2001 upper deck ryan howard rooke (bccg 10, my johhny mize,some rookie cards like longo,cueto,fukudome,a numbered card of ryan zimmerman,too many to name them all, but im glad to be back!,(ps did any one see that turn around that the phillies had today and the game yesterday??

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