Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Hi my name is Dan. I'm a big card collector. I have numerous cards of value. some cards are:
Cole Hamels rookie
ryan howard rookie
frank viola rookie (2)
Cole hamels autographed card
kirk gibson rookie
jeff bagwell rookie (3)
Harold Baines rookie
Barry bonds rookie
greg maddux rookie (4)
Ozzie smith rookie
Dale murphy, bo diaz, ernie whitt, lance parrish rookie
Hank aaron sets hr mark
daisuke matzusaka rookie (3)
Cal ripken jr rookie ( don't know exactly how many)
Billy ripken (one with "something" on the bottom of the bat)
keith hernandez rookie
card from the 1950's joe da maistre
julian peterson pro bowl used jersey piece
andray blatche/antonio daniels game used jersey pieces 93/99
john thompson gold 443/2006
john cena vs randy orton event used ring mat
3 randy johnson rookies
2 gary sheffield rookies
2 barry larkin rookies
2 jamie moyer rookies
I also have the complete sets of 1984 fleer 1991 bowman and 1993 donruss
I am currently buying all kinds of baseball cards, i seldom buy others
see ya next time,

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