Monday, October 25, 2010

Last weekend's card show

Last weekend the local mall had a card show so of course i was there. I bought countless phillies cards and baseball and football rookie cards but a few cards i got i cannot believe i own now.
1. 1975 Robin Yount - only one of the greatest 1975 topps cards in the set!
2. 2010 Bowman Stephen Stasburg- umm...ITS STRASBURGS ROOKIE! who else throws at 107?
3. Now the Holy Grail of my entire collection....A GMA 10 Stephen Strasburg bowman Chrome rookie!!! This card is just beautiful, its my 3rd different strasburg and it is sick!

Thats about it from the card show though i got some other stuff but not really as great, like an erik bedard auto dan haren jersey card and some nice rookies.

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